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We turn Dreams into Reality,
with our Evergreen Advertising Methodologies.

Do you have a coaching, course, or high–ticket service business?

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High Quality Leads > Bad Leads

Lead Generation is essential for any business. You know it, we know it – everyone knows it. Each individual strategy we build is very personal to get your business high–quality leads, clients, and 💰. While Most agencies copy/paste their work, do the least amount of effort, and wait for their paycheck – we don’t.
Our main focus and goal are generating our partner pocket-ripping 💰 and a positive return on investment.
And we achieve this every single time with predictability – thanks to our battle-tested and proven methodologies

Know Everything to The Dollar

Imagine a wizard that uses your 1 dollar and gives you at least 3-5 times that in return. Unfortunately, we’re not wizards, but we have built an evergreen proven method, where we can put 1 dollar into the machine and get at least 3-5 times that back in return. We accomplished this by knowing the statistics of what is working and what is not – so we can optimise conversions like a wizard.
In fact, the results we achieve is data-driven & you can track and measure every dollar spent instead of just trusting the opinion of a digital marketing consultant or agency.

Implementing Retargeting
and Omni-Channel Strategies

We build and design advertising campaigns, by doing groundbreaking analysis first – to find the highest-quality traffic for our clients. Once we have done that, then we build and run growth- and profit-focused multi-channel retargeting campaigns and strategies to eventually scale your business exponentially by making your brand, products and services appear everywhere and anywhere to anyone that is a potential prospect.

We're wizards on these ad platforms.

Facebook ads
Instagram ads
Google ads
YouTube ads
TikTok ads
LinkedIn ads

Our Mission and Principles

Here at OnurConsulting.com, we’re obsessed with one thing – and one thing only. 

And we do that, with a laser-focused vision.

Our mission is to become the world’s most customer-centric agency in the world.

And with customer-centric, we mean results that are focused on the growth of our customers. 

Because, without focusing on our customers, it is not possible to build a winning plan and help them achieve their business goals. 

How are we planning to do this, you might ask.

And that’s a very good question that you should ask each time you hear a bold statement like the one above.

From now on, we’re offering a full money-back guarantee – meaning, if we’re not able to improve their existing results during our first month of working together, our customers will have the luxury to ask for a full refund – no questions asked whatsoever.

Later on, after the initial month – if our client doesn’t make a 1:1 return-on-ad spend, we will not bill our customer and will basically work for free as an agency.

We have decided to do this because our focus as a new generation agency is set mainly on bringing results to our customers first – and growing together as partners.

While most agency owners are treating their clients as a way to increase their own revenue, we’ve decided to not follow that path.

We believe that a client is only a client after we’re able to bring them profitable results first. 

And if we’re not helping our customers grow, we should not grow – instead, we should focus on finding solutions on how we can help our customers.

To your success,
– Onur

About OnurConsulting.com

What we do:

We help coaching, course, and high–ticket service businesses scale and grow with online advertising.

We do this so that they can keep their focus on helping their existing clients, managing their employees, and improving their products and services.

And we can keep our focus on what we’re exceptional at:

Advertisements that generate a positive return on investment – every single time, like clock work.

How we help:

We start doing market research to understand their market better than they understand themselves.

Like a real scientist.

Yet, this phase doesn’t take months with our agency – as it does with most other agencies. 

In fact – after 1-2 weeks, the profit-focused advertising campaigns should be up and live. 

And results should already be pouring in.

We focus on building, managing, and optimizing proven advertising campaigns, and automation systems.

The ultimate goal is to appear anywhere and everywhere on the internet.

And while doing so, we keep our focus on customer satisfaction and a positive customer experience.

Our winning and data-driven strategies and methodologies are 100% trackable to the dollar.

Instead of taking actions based on “options” and “thoughts”, we know exactly how much is spent and how much is made back in return.

Recently we’ve decided to put in place a full money-back guarantee for our partners. 

This means, that if we don’t improve their existing results, or generate a positive return on investment, we refund our fee 100.

How to get started:

If you own a coaching, course, or high–ticket service business, and want to scale your business without spending endless hours on creating content, doing live streams or sending dozens of dms to others.

And preferably already invested in online advertising, but not happy with the results – 

Schedule a call with us by scrolling down and selecting a day and time that suits you the best. 

During the call, we’ll find why you haven’t succeeded with online advertising and map out a winning plan for you together.

And if we decide we’re a good fit, we’ll even discuss working together to get your business to the next level with online advertising. 

If you have any questions, email [email protected]

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